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Al Jazeera Documentary

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel is a cultural channel specializing in documentary films. It is the first of its kind in the Arabic-speaking world and is of primary interest Human strength and living environment and the interaction between them. The documentary aims to spread the documentary culture in the world of Arabic language, to care for […]

Africa 24 TV (France) Live stream TV

In 2010, AFRICA 24 officially became the first global news channel on Africa and especially the most-watched satellite channel in Francophone Africa. Africa 24 is a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week television news network devoted to news about Africa. It broadcasts in French to France, but is also available in Sub-Saharan Africa. In January 2013, Arab Satellite Communications […]

Al Maaref TV (Arabic) Live stream TV

Bahrain tv and Radio television, Al Maaref TV is a Religious TV channel. Al Maaref was founded in 2007 by the efforts of a group of devoted believers. In Bahrain, there are seven free-to-air television channels, four of which are privately owned. The country’s public service broadcaster, Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC), broadcasts over […]

Semerkand TV (Turkish)

Semerkand TV is a Islamic TV channel founded in 2010 and based in Istanbul. The channel provides Culture, current affairs, women, children, family, news, economics, history and sports. Semerkand tv en güzel dini sohbetlerin, farklı yemek tariflerinin verildiği yemek programları en çok izlenen kanallardan biri olma yolunda hızla ilerlemektedir. Birçok televizyon kanalının sadece izlenme rekoru […]